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About Us

Value Proposition

In current situation we are witnessing a shift in the Financial Advisory Business from just ‘sales base advice’ to ‘advice based sales’ of financial products & to providing consultation to clients on their financial needs & wants to achieve their goals.

Although the Indian market has grown in volumes, advisor productivity is still low compared to global standards. Proportion of long term income, AUM per financial advisor, average customer per financial advisor, average income per annum is much lower than those in the developed market.

At IFAN we intend to provide expert services to our associates that will empower them with proficient research capabilities along with a technology support platform to cater to the diverse and dynamic client needs according to our developing market conditions.

The greatest benefit that an associate of IFAN would hold is with our assistance he would be in a position to grow his business both in Quality and Quantity .

Once you are part of the network you will have access to:

  • Unbiased research
  • Innovative technology to help automate your business
  • The ability to leverage the strong IFAN brand
  • Our state of the art professional support cell called "One Answer"
  • Meticulous due diligence
  • First-class compliance
  • WRAP Account
  • Wide range of product & Asset offerings

IFAN’s value propositions are best suited to the dynamic changes that are happening in the financial services market:

Cost effective model

  • Back office cost taken care by IFAN
  • Research and marketing provided by IFAN
  • Portfolio reporting to investors handled by Online Platform
  • No need to build your own software and enhance the technology.
  • Web ability provides the advantage to control the entire business from one system.
  • Your client’s transactions will be uploaded daily, enabling your clients to view their updated portfolio at all times.
  • You can enroll your clients from any corner of the globe without any limitation.

Customized Product offering:

IFAN with its negotiation power & advantage can introduce customized products based on client’s requirement For eg: Wrap Accounts

This will help the advisor to recommend appropriate product solutions that suits the need of his/her client based on their risk profiling & asset allocation.

Higher Revenue

IFAN being a large institute & aggregator has an advantage to negotiate with financial product providers & thus offer higher short term & long revenue to its Associates.

This also helps Associates sustain their skilled man-power thereby helping them increase their client-base. As an Associate starts increasing his network he will have the potential to earn higher revenues across product classes.

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© Copyright -2015 IFAN. All rights reserved

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