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1. Security Alerts


A phishing attack is an online fraud technique which involves sending official-looking email messages with return addresses, links and branding that all appear to come from legitimate banks, retailers, credit card companies, etc. Such emails typically contain a hyperlink to a spoof website and mislead account holders to enter customer names and security details on the pretence that security details must be updated or changed. Once you give them your information it can be used on legitimate sites to take your money.

Below are some guidelines to help protect against phishing attacks and other email related attacks:

  • Don’t click on suspicious links or attachments in emails;
  • Be suspicious of emails asking for your confidential information. Don’t provide any login details or personal information in response to an email;
  • Always access online transaction website by typing the website name (e.g. www.ifan.co.in) into a new browser window and clicking on Online Banking.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group provides statistics on phishing attacks and advice for individuals and companies.

To report phishing attacks please email our Security Team .

1. Security Alerts

Take care of your personal information

  • Your PAN number, folio number, user-ids, PIN (password) and memorable date are the keys to your account. It is your responsibility to protect them;
  • Never write them down, give them to anyone else or include them in an e-mail;
  • Destroy documents containing personal information securely or store them in a secure place;
  • Be very cautious in posting personal details to social networking sites on the internet, as criminals can use this information to commit fraud;
  • Your passwords should be alpha-numeric, at least 7-8 characters in length, difficult to guess & should be changed periodically.

Take care of your computer

  • Update your computer by installing the latest software and patches, to prevent hackers or viruses exploiting any known weaknesses in your computer;
  • Install and regularly update virus protection, to protect against viruses corrupting your computer and to prevent hackers installing Trojan viruses on your computer;
  • Install and update anti-spyware tools and personal firewalls;
  • Use only programmes from a known, trusted supplier.

Beware of Spam Emails

  • Use a spam filter to avoid even seeing these messages;
  • Never respond to a spam message, your email address is then recorded as live and the spam will increase;
  • Should you read a spam message remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

3. How SPA Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd.. Helps to Protect You Online

  • SPA Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd.. Ltd. takes the security of your information very seriously. We use proven technology and implement information security policies and physical security measures to ensure high level of protection for your information;
  • Our website uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption where required to ensure that others cannot read sensitive or confidential information travelling over the internet between your computer and our website;
  • We will communicate to you when we become aware of new threats to online transactions by updating this security page, the security tips page and occasionally on statements.

4. Obligations for the customer regarding security

  • The customer’s responsibility for the correct use of e-financial services, and in particular for the customer taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that his means of access to e-financial services is secure;
  • The customer’s obligation to use his means of access for e-financial services in accordance with the conditions for issuing and using e-financial services, which are laid down in the financial services agreement;
  • The customer’s undertaking to comply with the cautionary advice when provided, for example through security announcements on IFAN websites;
  • The customer’s responsibility to keep identifiers (e.g. passwords and usernames) confidential at all times and not to communicate them to third parties (including, without limitation, his spouse, a family member and/or a friend);
  • The customer’s obligations to notify IFAN as soon as he becomes aware of:
    - The loss, theft or misuse of his means of access to e-financial services;
    - Any technical incident or other fault linked to the use of his means of access to e-financial services or which might jeopardize the security of these services.
  • The customer’s obligation to review his transaction history and to notify IFAN as soon as he becomes aware of:
    - Any transaction carried out without his agreement that has appeared on his bank statement or his statements of account;
    - Any error or irregularity found on bank statements or statements of account.
  • The customer’s acceptance that the means of access remain the exclusive property of IFAN and that he is obliged to return these to IFAN on demand.

5. Contact Us

If you have any concerns about the security of your information, please contact us on 1800 22 6784 or email our security team.

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