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Privacy Policy

IFAN Finserv Private Limited (IFAN) is committed to maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and security of personal / financial information about our clients/investors.

IFAN takes great care to protect information (personal, financial, etc.,) about each of its clients/investors and when we use it, we do so with utmost respect for your privacy.

IFAN may use clients/investors information in connection with and as may be necessary for the conduct of IFAN’s business / operations & in order to service and maintain the clients/investors accounts, for e.g. to process transactions; respond to inquiries from you/your authorised agent/s; develop, offer, and deliver services; or to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.

IFAN may collect public and non-public information/details (personal, financial, etc.,) about you from any of the following sources for its lawful business / operational purposes:

  • You or your authorized agents through application form (information/details like name, address, birth date, income, etc.
  • Financial information such as bank account details (e.g. bank account number, cheque details, etc.)
  • Risk profile, investment selection, beneficiary information etc.,
  • Any other documentation supporting the above information/details

Protection of each clients’/investors’ personal / financial information is a foundation of customer trust and forms a part of IFAN’s sound business principles and practice. IFAN restricts access to personal/financial information to those who require it to develop, support, offer and deliver products and services to you. IFAN may share any clients’/investors’ information (personal / financial, etc.,) with the following parties, in connection with and as may be necessary for the conduct of IFAN’s business/operations:

  • With the Registrar & Transfer Agent/s (RTA) of various Mutual Funds/other Issuers, Banks and / or authorised external third parties/intermediaries or any other service provider who are involved in transaction processing, dispatches, printing/marketing etc. of clients/investors investment in any products, unless any investor/unitholder have specifically written to IFAN to refrain from sharing such information with such parties;


  • Any regulatory/administrative/legislative authority and/or with the IFAN for compliance with any legal, statutory or regulatory requirements and/or to verify the identity of clients/investors for complying with anti-money laundering/KYC requirements and/or under any applicable laws for the time being in force and/or for the purpose of data storage.

IFAN shares such aforesaid information to the aforesaid service providers (e.g. RTA, Banks, etc.) under strict confidentiality and only on a need to know basis and for the purposes of lawful functioning of IFAN’s business / operations.

IFAN sends the account statements or financial information pertaining to the clients/investors to be sent over the internet and only through a secure mode.

IFAN also ensures that the parties to whom such aforesaid information/data is shared have confidentiality provisions and high levels of security practices, controls and procedures to ensure its protection.

IFAN also offers several options for accessing and, if necessary, correcting your account information. You can review your information using your account statements, or through our website www.ifan.co.in. You may also write or call us with your request for information at IFAN at 1800 22 6784 or 022 – 4082 7990.

Notwithstanding anything contained, IFAN shall not be responsible / liable, either directly or indirectly, for the authenticity/accuracy of the personal / financial information or any other data/information submitted by you and/or for its misuse, not attributable to the acts of IFAN, at any time and in any manner whatsoever. In case you feel that any information/data provided by you is inaccurate / deficient or requires updation, then you shall ensure to correct/amend such information/data as soon as possible by getting in touch with us. IFAN will at all times endeavor to handle transactions efficiently and to resolve any investor grievances promptly.

IFAN reserves the right to modify sections of this Privacy Policy at any time without giving any prior notice. Please check this Policy from time to time for any changes.

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© Copyright -2015 IFAN. All rights reserved

© Copyright -2015 IFAN. All rights reserved

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