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An IFA business operation is getting costlier by the day due to various reasons. Revenue from brokerage is also in a declining mode. IFAN offers you ‘low cost business model’ in this competitive & demanding Mutual Fund Industry.

Clients are also looking forward to their advisors to create wealth as well as good returns from the available financial products universe.

Challenge for an IFA thus, is how to the select right & best scheme for the clients based on their requirement or for fulfilling their desires. Research, Due Diligence & Asset / Sector Allocation play a key role to deliver the best return to your client’s portfolio. It helps to achieve the client’s objective in a structured & professional manner.

IFAN offers you the following to fulfill your clients’ investment related needs:

  • Access to all AMCs
  • Due diligence of each AMC on a periodic basis
  • Selected Sector wise performance reports
  • Select allocation wise yearly reports of recommended schemes
  • Fund manager track record
  • Best revenue model
  • Direct connectivity with fund manager
  • In-built scheme allocation through WRAP A/c
  • Consolidated Portfolio statement for you and your clients as well
  • Online buy / sell / switch / SIP facility

Why Mutual Funds

Types of Mutual Fund

Types of Mutual Funds

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© Copyright -2015 IFAN. All rights reserved

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