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About Us

About IFAN

IFAN (Independent Financial Associates Network) is a web enabled distribution platform that empowers Financial Advisors in India with a comprehensive range of investment products and services.

It is a B2B open architecture model which supports its associates to enhance their advisory services with the help of innovative technology & unbiased research.

IFAN provides consolidated statements, research, wrap account management, financial planning & CRM technology along with commission and trailer monitoring to its Associates

We endeavor to help establish a new Financial Advisor with greater efficiency and the ability to tap into economies of scale, and at the same time, deliver better service performance to clients

SPA Investment Adviser Private Limited (Formerly IFAN Finserv Private Limited) was established in India in 2005. Initially the company was known as “OptiMix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” and was the pioneer in introducing the ‘Multi Manager’ concept in India under the Mutual Fund space. Being an ING group company, in 2009, the name was changed to ‘ING Financial Services Pvt. Ltd ‘in line with the parent company branding.

In 2009 IFAN forayed into being a 3rd party financial distribution house supporting “Individual Financial Advisors”. Business model is based on B2B concept and remains dedicated on that. In 2013, when ING group moved out of Asia pacific including India, IFAN became a part of ‘Hathway Investments’; which was a stakeholder erstwhile as well.

August’2018, Company has decided to add more Assets and Products to offer its Associates and their clients hence stakeholding has been changed from ‘Hathway Investments’ to ‘SPA Group’ Companies but retained the ‘IFAN’ brand and Company name for B2B Business model.

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© Copyright -2015 IFAN. All rights reserved

© Copyright -2015 IFAN. All rights reserved

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